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By Thomas Watson Steen
TESTING non-disclosure editing / creating process…

THIS NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”) is made and entered into as of valid from between Partner 1 company having its place of business at partner 1 address (“Company”) and Partner 2 name, having place of business in partner 2 address

Purpose: Partner 2 name will undertake specified pieces of work forPartner 1 company and additionally may wish to explore further busi…

Susitarimas dėl dalybų ir reportinimo

By Zak Greant

Confidentiality agreement for access to source code

By Ulrich Gall
This gives an individual access to source code without any rights to do anything with it other than submit changes and improvements to the owner

This is an agreement between Holder companyHolder Info, and Coder nameCoder Info.

Coder name would like to develop extensions and improvements to Holder Company’s software project Project. Holder Company would like to see improvements made to the project, and if Coder name develops improvements that Holder Company finds valuable, Holder Company will reward such improve…