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Susitarimas dėl steam'o nuomos.

By Pelle Brændgaard
Susitarimas dėl steam’o nuomos.

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Simple Non-Disclosure Agreement

By Zak Greant
A simple and brief non-disclosure agreement

Starting on 09/20/2014, Project Z shall share information regarding the development of a mobile software application code named PROJECT Z. This concept is created and owned by PROJECT Z. In return, VMODEV COMPANY agrees to keep this information confidential and share only as directed by PROJECT Z.

PROJECT Z’s secrets are anything owned by (or in the possession of) project company t…

Software development agreement between client_name and developer_name

By Andre Lewis
Rap Battle Plugin Development Agreement

Parties in this Agreement

This Agreement is made between the client client_name with email and the developer developer_name with email

The Project



What’s important:

what is important

The estimate: estimate range

Rate and Payment

rate is rate which is full and final…

Consulting Agreement between Carroll Smith of Unique Consultant and Childcare Service and Dung Loux of Silver Inc.

By Pelle Brændgaard
Business Planning, Consulting Agreement Contract

Carroll Smith agrees to perform consulting services for Silver Inc in efforts to opening an adult daycare. Carroll Smith will be responsible for all research to ensure that Silver Inc is following the guidelines of The State of Texas and City of Houston building enforcement department. Carroll Smith will make sure that all necessary permits and license are obtain. Dung Loux agrees to pay Carrol…


By Thomas Watson Steen
TESTING non-disclosure editing / creating process…

THIS NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”) is made and entered into as of valid from between Partner 1 company having its place of business at partner 1 address (“Company”) and Partner 2 name, having place of business in partner 2 address

Purpose: Partner 2 name will undertake specified pieces of work forPartner 1 company and additionally may wish to explore further busi…

Susitarimas dėl dalybų ir reportinimo

By Zak Greant

Beach Weddings Leads Agreement

By Zak Greant
Leads Agreement
This Consulting Agreement is effective as of 15th of December 2013 and is between the following parties

client company
1912 Hwy 17 S.
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

consultant company
217 Rosemont Garden
Lexington, KY 40503

  1. Fees. The Client will pay the Consultant Heritage Gallery Prints the amount of $1.00 for each wedding lead.
  1. Term. Payment will be made Mo…

Confidentiality agreement for access to source code

By Ulrich Gall
This gives an individual access to source code without any rights to do anything with it other than submit changes and improvements to the owner

This is an agreement between Holder companyHolder Info, and Coder nameCoder Info.

Coder name would like to develop extensions and improvements to Holder Company’s software project Project. Holder Company would like to see improvements made to the project, and if Coder name develops improvements that Holder Company finds valuable, Holder Company will reward such improve…

Option for grantee name to buy asset

By Pelle Brændgaard

This is a non transferable agreement which grants grantee name the right to purchase amount units of asset at the price of price from grantor name.

The option expires at valid_to.

E-book Publishing Contract

By Zak Greant
The Energy Solution Contract

This Assignment is effective as of 8th March 2015 and is between the following parties:

Jan Clementson (the “Author”) and Michael Volpi (the “Publisher”)

Author Address: 5 Corner Green, Blackheath, London SE3 9JJ, UK
Author Phone: +44 (0)79 2974 1278
Author Email: [email protected]

Publisher Address:
Publisher Phone:
Publisher Email: [email protected]

The …

Design agreement between company name and customer name

By Pelle Brændgaard
This is the Contract Killer template by Andy Clarke for designers. Andy has released this under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-a-like License

Date: today

Between us company name
and you customer name


We will always do our best to fulfill your needs and meet your goals, but sometimes it is best to have a few simple things written down so that we both know what is what, who should do what and what happens if something goes wrong. We do want what’s best for the safety of both parties, now and i…

Jack Polymath Consulting Agreement

By Peter Savich
Consulting agreement I use in my business. Relies on Project forms as attachments.

This consulting agreement (the “Agreement”) is made as of effective date (the “Effective Date”), between Jack Polymath LLC (“Jack Polymath”) and customer (“Customer”).

1. Services. Jack Polymath will use its best efforts to perform the services (the “Services”) specified in the Project attachments to this agreement (the “Project Attachments”).

2. Consideration. Customer will p…

A Jack Polymath Project

By Peter Savich
This is the form that goes with my standard contract. These are the terms that vary between clients and projects.

1. Customer: John Doe
2. Agreement Date: today
3. Project Title: subject matter
4. Project Start Date: today
5. Services: deliverables
6. Ownership: ownership of/licenses to the deliverables
7. Consideration: payment terms

standard Non-Assertion Covenant

By Chris Messina

We the authors of the standard specification, irrevocably covenant that, subject solely to the condition described below, it will not assert any of its U.S. or foreign patents against that portion of a product that implements the standard specification.

Condition: this covenant shall not apply with respect to any individual, corporation or other entity that asserts or threatens at an…


By My First Last

(This is just some example text you can use as as a starting point for your own agreements.)

This is an agreement between My First Last and Phoenix Durango Railroad to provide Deborah Presley-Brando certain information about himself for her book entitled “Memoirs of a StarChild” Free of charge. Deborah Presley-Brando agrees to only print what Garrett Fisk a…

Open Web Foundation Agreement

By Chris Messina
Open Web Foundation Agreement v0.9

Specification Name Version Number

Signing Instructions. Individuals. If you are signing this Agreement as an individual, please sign below and check the “Individual” box. Corporate/Entity. If you are signing this Agreement on behalf of a corporation, employer, partnership, or similar legal entity, ensure that an authorized individual signs the Agreement and includes the highest…

Agreement of Captcha Sniper License Transfer/Ownership Transfer

By millo base
Agreement of Captcha Sniper license transfer

This is an agreement between Varzaru Iulian Horatiu to transfer his legit Captcha Sniper license/ownership to Mazween Bidin.

The seller agree to transfer the license ownership of Captcha Sniper to the buyer and he will not claim the license back from the Captcha Sniper using whatever reasons. The buyer will have full ownership to the software once payment has been made.

Forum where the …

Ashley Dunn Styling Services Agrreement

By Paddy Anderson

(This is just some example text you can use as as a starting point for your own agreements.)

This is an agreement between Ashley Dunn and Phoenix Durango Railroad to provide Styling services.

Write your agreement clearly in normal language to make sure that all parts understand what the agreement is about.

This agreement is valid from [valid_from…

Public Review of Agree2 User Agreement

By Pelle Brændgaard

The following is the no nonsense plain English agreement between name identified by the email address and “Extra Eagle LLC” the operator of Agree2. We hate reading these things as much as you do, but please try and read it I will keep it very short and as fun as possible – I promise.

What you get?

We provide you a service where you can create agreements b…

A Patent User ManualTM Project

By Peter Savich
Form for a Patent User ManualTM project.

1. Customer: customer
2. Agreement Date: effective date
3. Project Title: title
4. Project Start Date: start date
5. Patent Lot: patents
6. Services: Consultant will use its best efforts to: (1) create a Patent User Manual™ for the Patent Lot; and (2) disseminate that Patent User Manual™ to multiple relevant bidders.
7. Ownership: Customer owns …

manager contact for recording artist

By joanne glass
manager for recording artist

(This is just some example text you can use as as a starting point for your own agreements.)

This is an agreement between joanne glass and clients Ronnie Cox to provide Ruby on Rails programming services.

Write your agreement clearly in normal language to make sure that all parts understand what the agreement is about.

This agreement is valid from [July 15 2014…