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Get your agreements signed more quickly. Documents don't have to be sent with courier, "snail mail" or fax.

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You don't have to spend money on paper, ink, envelopes, faxing or courier services.

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No more paper to file away. Every thing is stored safely online at Agree2.

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To ensure the confidentiality of your agreements, Agree2 uses the same SSL encryption used by banks.

Agree2 is in use today by businesses in your industries:

You can use it in just about any industry that relies on contracts regardless of the size of your business.

Why use Agree2?

Keeping track of paper agreements, sending them back and forth and having them signed can be a hassle. Waiting for an agreement to be signed can mean that you have to wait for days for business to begin. Agree2 lets you, your customers and business partners create, negotiate and sign agreements online. After the signature Agree2 lets you manage and view them with ease.

Legally binding

With Agree2 you don't need pen, paper or fax machines, but the contracts are just as legal. We provide both parties a full collection of evidence for each contract far outweighing the the evidence provided by a handwritten faxed signature.

Electronic signatures have the same legal consequences as traditional methods in most countries including the United States, the EU member states and Australia.

What about my lawyer?

Agree2 does not replace your lawyer. On any of our multi user plans you can invite your lawyer to your account. He or she can then prepare templates for you, review contracts, comment and anything else you would expect a good lawyer to do, all within the convenient platform of an easy to use web application.

I am a lawyer, what about me?

Agree2 is your place to shine. By adding and editing templates to the community template library, you can build your on-line reputation and trust, which could easily translate into more clients. Mark yourself as a Lawyer and you will be identified as such if you choose, whenever you make a comment or create a template. We have further neat features planned for lawyers in the future.

Benefit from the growing Agree2 Community

Agree2 is also a community of business owners. If you wish you can share any of your own templates, exchange your experiences with them as well as suggest and make changes to other peoples templates.

"We sign all our deals via Agree2. License agreements, consultancy contracts, NDA's etc. And it's working well even for low tech people." - Jeppe Liisberg, 3dbyggeri Danmark

"Trust me you will need it!" - Elizabeth Gast, Design by Firgs

"In many ways I find Agree2 more reliable and credible as a signature service than someone's mere hand written signature." - David Fendley

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